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        Prototype is very important in developing a new product. It can test the effects of the product design. It can reflect directly what defects are found in the design and which places are not in accord with the designing purpose. And we can take measures to correct these problems in time.
        With the strong designing ability, the experienced technicians and precise automatic mechanical equipments in prototyping, our company is able to satisfy the requirements of our customers, shorten the developing time of new products, and improve the customer’s competitive power in the marketplace.

        The general prototyping material include:
ABS, Nylon, Aluminium Alloy, etc.
        The surface processing includes:
Polishing, Painting, Sand Blast, and so on.




        Project design department is very important in our company.
        Functions: products improvement and development, analysis on product defects and correction, mold design, mold flow analysis, mold splitting, cutter-path and spare parts creation.
        Software: UG, PROE, Mold Flow, MastCam, AutoCAD, etc., which helps us to communicate with our customers effectively.
        Our mold designing drawings are standardizations, parts and components drawings are standardizations too. We can design the HASCO standard parts or the DME standard parts according to our customers’ requirements.
        Our designing philosophies keep pace with the times tightly. We soak up the latest technical knowledge and plan new crafts to satisfy our customers’ strict demands.


       Assembly is a significant phase in the production tooling. It should be planed carefully, carried out seriously, and monitored strictly.
       Many programs will be defined clearly and fixed as a standard. In addition, the SDCA (S: Standard, D: Do, C: Check, A: Action) circular working program will be promoted in the process. With the series of standards in the working place, with which the workers are obeying, there are no exceptional accidents occurred in the process. The next step is to adjust the actuality and to improve the standard to a higher level so that the PDCA (P: Plan, D: Do, C: Check, A: Action) circular working program can be promoted.
       The seven activities for spot costs reducing procedure:
        1. improve the quality
        2. enhance the productivity
        3. reduce the stock
        4. shorten the product line
        5. cut down the close-down time of the machine
        6. lessen the space
        7. reduce the lead-time

        Through improving the quality of the working process, the phenomenon of badness and rework is reduced, the production efficiency is improved and the production costs are reduced. It guarantees that your products can go into the marketplace in the shortest possible time.


Package of the mold

         Because most components of mold contain Fe elements, rusting phenomenon will easily occur in the damp atmosphere with salinity. So we will do some necessary antirust measures before the mold is shipped abroad. Concrete measures are as follows:
         1. Spread every components of the internal mold carefully with oily antirust; spread cavity and inside/outside of the mold base with butter.
         2. Cover the outer surface of the mold with water-resistant butter paper.
         3. Wrap the whole set of mold with several layers of film gummed paper.
         4. Put the whole set of mold into a specially-made wooden case, and use metal angles at each corner of the case. All are up to the wood export standard.

Package of the parts

         To the package of the exporting parts, we have strict control, especially to clear products and the products demanding environmental protection.
         To clear products, we choose soft packing materials, such as copying tissue and EPE, guarantee that in the shipment there will be no flow scratch phenomenon appeared because of the friction caused by the slight shake. To the products demanding environmental protection, we will choose the packing materials that meet the environmental requirements. For this we will do environmental protection test before production.
         To the size of the outer case, we will try our best to choose a standard size according to the weight and size of the product, not only meeting the general needs that the weight of each case of product is not overweight, but also saving spaces and reducing costs. In addition, we pay great attention to the safety of the product and that if it is easy to be damaged.




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