• Quotation-related question
    1What is the valid period for your quotation?
          Generally about 2 weeks, but for the special material, it will be different
          because of the large fluctuation of the market; the particular time will be marked
          on the quotation sheet.
    2What are your terms of payment?
          Pay 40% in advance as a deposit,30%after T1, 30% before delivery.
    3Whats your delivery manner?
          FOB ShenZhen.
    4What kind of shipments do you have?
          By sea or by air, it depends on our customers.
    5How do you pack the mold?
          A special wooden packaging box with metal protection will be made to pack
          the mold. And the mold will be specially treated against rust.
    6Who will pay the modification caused by the part changes?
          By both parties through negotiation. In principle, the small changes are free,
          but for the great ones, it should be defined by new quotation.
    7How is the express cost about sample assigned?
          In a general way,Customer will pay the express about the trial sample of the new order, we will state it in PO. 
  • Service and technology

    1What types of mold services can you provide?
         Injection mold, die casting mold, blow mold, silica gel mold, rubber mold.

    2What special technologies do you have?
         We have the following special technologies: products with internal/external thread,
         cups with figure in surfaces, die casting, large production and post forming
         mold with different materials.

    3.  What additional services can you provide?
         Injection molding, zinc alloy/aluminium alloy die casting, production surface
         painting and electroplating and so on.

    4What kind of production certifications can you provide?

         We can provide RoHs, UL, CE, GS etc. certifications.
    5.  Do you have any after-sale services?
         Of course, we have special staffs for after-sale service; they will
         provide the solutions for the customers at the fist time.

  • The basic cases of the company
    1How big and how many employees are there in your company?
         About 8,000 square metres and over 300 employees.
    2.  Have your employees ever been trained? What trainings?
         Yes, all of them have been trained.The trainings include: training before work,
         position function training, special work training, ideological and ethical training and
         so on. Every month, we will make some detailed training plans and carry out them.
    3What is the percentage of employees in your developing department?
          About 15%.
    4How will you plan and arrange your projects?
          We specially establish a Mold Management Project Team, which will arrange the
          producing period, take forward work in producing process, and provide
          schedule reports regularly for our customers. In addiction, we appoint special
          people to communicate technically with our customers.
    5What departments are there in your company?
          Administrative Department, Quality Control department, Oversea Sales
          department, Research and Develop department, Mold Making department,
          Manufacturing department.
    6Which company have you served?
          We have served many famous companies such as IBM, DELL,HP,Canon, Volvo, GE, HONDA, PENTAX, Bushnell, Kamakura,  Cooper,
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